Coating for Metal Stamping & Forming

The midwest’s premier provider of TiN, CrN and ZrN coatings for Metal Stamping and Forming Component(s).

How does coating help Metal Stamping and Forming?

Whether you are stamping or piercing, soft materials or hard: PVD coatings will help your dies or punches perform at their best. A hard, low-friction coating will solve production issues by preventing both metal adhesion issues (pickup or galling), as well as abrasive issues (wear and erosion).

Choosing the right coating for the job is only part of the solution. Other things to consider:

  • Tool steel and heat treat history
  • Type of material being formed
  • Surface finish of the dies - Do they need an “A” polish or “B” polish
  • Type of lubricant being used
  • How do the dies typically fail?

Making a successful coating application depends on all of these factors. So please use our expertise in helping you decide on the system that will work for you. We understand that all jobs are NOT created equal, and always have a solution that will keep you up and running!