Duplex Coating

The midwest’s premier provider of Duplex coating solutions located in the Minneapolis, St Paul, Twin Cities MN area.

Applications for Duplex Coatings

Duplex is truly the next generation of coatings for the metal working industry. Duplex, simply put, is a combination of Ion Nitriding (case hardening to 74 RC), followed with a nano-layer coating (3500 HV hardness). This coating is designed for maximum abrasion and galling resistance when stamping or piercing all types of steel. It should be noted that Duplex coating is done at 950 degrees F, so materials like S7, A2, and single tempered D2 will lose some core hardness. Generally, the loss of core hardness more than offset by the case hardness which is now 74 RC. This coating is not recommended for forming aluminum. Please contact us for more details about this coating.

Coating Specs for Duplex

Color: Bronze/Pink
Hardness: 3500 HV
Oxidation Temperature: 950 deg F