Coating for Cutting tools

The midwest’s premier provider of TiN, TiCrN, TiCN, AlTiN, TiAlN ZrN and Matrix coatings for cutting tools such as end mills, drills and reamers since 2012.

Why Coat your Cutting Tools

“Coating your cutting tools is an easy call these days. Why do coatings help the performance of cutting tools?

  • Longer tool life - The high hardness of PVD coatings preserves the cutting edges up to 10X longer than running uncoated
  • Reduced Friction -- At a minimum, friction is reduced by 50%. This makes chip evacuation much easier so there is no re-cutting of chips
  • Better Surface Finish – Because of the very low friction coefficients, the tools simply cut cleaner by reducing B.U.E. (Built Up Edge) to give your parts a much better surface finish (Lower RA Values)
  • Increased Speed and Feeds – In most cases, you can increase your surface footage for faster, more efficient production
  • Coolant reduction or Elimination – In most cases using coatings like AlTiN or Matrix will allow you to go faster while reducing or eliminating coolant

Let’s face it. Carbide cutting tools are very expensive, and coatings are not. After a tool is manufactured or resharpened, it should be coated for just a few dollars more. The return on investment of a coating happens almost immediately. You can rely on the experts at North Star Coating to help you with your applications and get you the best performing coating for your application.