TiCrN - (Titanium Chromium Nitride)

The midwest’s premier provider of TiCrN - (Titanium Chromium Nitride) coating solutions located in the Minneapolis, St Paul, Twin Cities MN area.

Applications for TiCrN Coatings

TiCrN is a nano-layer coating which is roughly 25% harder than CrN or Tin individually. This coating is primarily used for slow to medium speed machining and shows excellent resistance to built up edge. This coating is an excellent choice for sticky and gummy materials like Inconel, brass and bronze. This coating can go on at lower temps, making it very useful when coating carbide tipped tooling. TiCrN has great galling and pickup resistance, making it a great choice for metal piercing and forming applications.

Coating Specs for TiCrN

Color: Light Gold
Hardness: 4000 HV
Oxidation Temperature: 1100 deg F