Filtered-ARC Coatings

North Star Coating is pleased to announce that we are teaming-up with Fluxion Inc. to add “Filtered Arc” coatings to our portfolio. Fluxion's Radial Arc technology takes coating quality to a new level by providing pure ion deposition - eliminating macro-particles that cause coating defects. This advanced technology is unique to North Star Coating - none of our competitors can provide it.

What does "pure ion deposition" mean? Pure ion deposition allows us to control the energy of every ionized particle that goes into your coating. For example, giving the ions high energy allows us to sputter-etch the surface of your tooling and make it atomically-clean before coating. Furthermore, the high energy ions actually penetrate the tool surface to create an inter-mixed, graded layer that provides exceptional coating adhesion, un-matchable by other processes. Then during coating, a lower ion energy is chosen that optimizes coating properties like density, hardness, and chemistry.

Our competitors' unfiltered coatings are loaded with macro-particles - imperfections, or soft particles that degrade their coatings. With our new Radial Arc filtered arc system, we filter-out these imperfections, providing you with extremely smooth coatings - in addition to the other optimized coating properties. Our filtered arc system also provides better coating ‘throw’, meaning that we can go in to deeper holes with better uniformity.

Plasma Focused & UnFocused

Filtered ARC Coating Plasma Beam