North Star Coating - PVD Coating Services

North Star Coating is dedicated to providing PVD coatings for all types of manufacturing and medical applications. Our coating portfolio includes: TaC - PVD Diamond, TiN – Titanium Nitride, TiCN – Titanium Carbon Nitride, CrN – Chrome Nitride, ZrN – Zirconium Nitride, AlTiN – Aluminum Titanium Nitride, TiAlN – Titanium Aluminum Nitride, TiCrN – Titanium Chromium Nitride, Duplex - Coating designed for stamping and piercing of all types of steel, Matrix – Nano-layer coating for high speed / hard machining, MetalFlow – CrN based film for punching and forming ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Coating Applications

TiAlN Coated Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools

CrN Coated Wear Component

Stamping & Wear Components

CrN Coated Die Block

Tool & Die Coating

Decorative Coating

Decorative Films

Coated Die Casting

Die Cast Tool Coating

TiN, CrN and TiN Coated Plastic Injection Molds

Plastic Injection Mold Coating